Facilitating Improvement Using Express Workouts

Designed to help healthcare professionals facilitate Express Workouts in their unit, clinic or department.


This program prepares coaches to facilitate teams. Throughout the week, participants prepare and practice conducting a variety of techniques that facilitate team brainstorming, problem solving, decision making and action planning. Facilitators also practice the support roles of timekeeper, scribe and notetaker. Peer and instructor feedback is provided. In addition, the training includes how to recognize, prevent and address common dysfunctional meeting behaviors. Finally, participants plan and practice facilitating Express Workouts (EWOs).

Facilitators Bring Their Express Workout Charters to Training


To maximize the benefits of the classroom, there are four live webinars, one per week for four weeks. These occur before the class begins. The webinars are live and recorded (for those that cannot attend the live sessions).


  • Assess your facilitator style and strengths.
  • Plan meeting and EWO agendas along with detailed process agendas.
  • Design and use EWO openers, energizers and closers.
  • Select and use techniques for the given purpose and team size.
  • Assign, monitor and track time assigned to meeting topics.
  • Scribe team memory on flip charts or butcher paper.
  • Recognize and effectively resolve conflicts.
  • Practice scribing and note-taking techniques.
  • Plan and present project reviews.
  • Cultivate active listening and questioning skills.
  • Use consensus decision-making techniques.
  • Apply intervention strategies.

Half the Class Time Is Dedicated to Practice


To receive an information package on the Facilitating Improvement Using Express Workouts program, please share your information with us.

Information package contains
  • A Detailed Training Agenda
  • List of Reminder Pocket Cards
  • List of Wall Charts
  • Project Selection Matrix—When is a project Lean, Six Sigma or an Express Workout?