Increasing Patient Flow Using Lean

Designed to help healthcare professionals implement Lean in their unit, clinic or department.


This program enables you to make a difference in your organization by reducing rework, decreasing excessive supplies, minimizing staff and patient movement, eliminating nonvalue added activities, and diminishing delays in treatment.

To create such an impact, you will master several key process improvement competencies:

  • Mapping skills to assess current performance and identify future opportunities
  • Work organization strategies to engage staff in improvement efforts
  • Mistake proofing tools to reduce errors
  • Pull techniques to increase patient flow

Staff Members Bring Their Unit, Clinic or Department Targeted Lean Events to Training


To maximize the benefits of the classroom, there are four live webinars, one per week for four weeks. These occur before the class begins. The webinars are live and recorded (for those that cannot attend the live sessions).

Ultimately, the objective of this training program is to ensure that you and your fellow Purple Belts have the ability to lead Lean projects (Kaizen events) in your unit, clinic, department or hospital. And the outcomes of the training are your Kaizen event plans.

For this reason, almost 50% of class time is dedicated to designing, planning and discussing your Kaizen event*. In addition, you will present your plans to you fellow Lean practitioners.

* Kaizen event = a 1 to 5 day improvement project that applies Lean in a unit, clinic or department

Purple Belts Work Together in Class to Plan Their Kaizen Events


Through DVD case studies, Purple Belts see how Lean was implemented in other organizations and how they overcame obstacles. Various simulations allow the Lean practitioners to experience using Lean strategies and techniques in a safe environment. And each afternoon of the training, participants are assigned in small teams and “Go to the Gemba”** in an actual workplace to complete Lean assessments. Finally, at the end of each module, Purple Belts plan how to implement their newly learned Lean principles and tools in their own unit, clinic or department

** Gemba = actual place of work

Simulations Allow Purple Belts to Apply Lean in a Safe Environment


  • Understand how to apply the Kaizen methodology to make your healthcare processes more efficient.
  • Apply Lean principles and techniques to healthcare processes: map value streams; identify and categorize waste; identify constraints; assess and design 5S and visual systems; conduct and analyze process observations; document standard work; calculate Takt; select and create Kanban signals; implement pull systems; create and implement Poka Yoke and Jidoka; and more….
  • Prepare for your Lean project by utilizing training time to plan your Kaizen event.

Purple Belts Plan Their Projects During Training


To receive an information package on the Increasing Patient Flow Using Lean program, please share your information with us.

Information package contains
  • The Training Agenda
  • Examples of Past Participant Kaizen Events
  • List of Lean Templates
  • List of Lean Assessments
  • The Lean Journey Map
  • List of Wall Charts