Six Sigma

Improving Quality of Care Using Six Sigma

Designed to develop healthcare professionals as problem solving project team leaders.


This program enables you to make a difference in your organization by reducing harm, increasing patient throughput, improving provider satisfaction, and delivering more affordable care. To create such an impact, you will master several key quality improvement competencies:

  • Statistical and analytical tools to uncover root causes
  • Project management techniques to ensure timely project completion
  • Meeting facilitation skills to guide teams through consensus decision-making
  • Change leadership tactics to reduce resistance to change

Green Belts Bring Their Projects to Training


This totally online program includes a series of interactive webinars offered live three times in a week and then saved for viewing later. This offers you the flexibility to select the webinar time that best meets your schedule. In addition, self-paced, interactive learning modules are provided to support the live webinars. The program also includes chat sessions with instructors, open forums with other healthcare professionals, study guides, quizzes with immediate feedback, and healthcare project case studies.

The length of the program is 4 months.

Option: iplqi also offers three 2-day classes to enhance the online program for teams of Green Belts. These classes are highly experiential with role play meetings, data simulations, case studies, and videos. The emphasis is on moving your project along during these sessions. Please call for details if interested in attending these optional classes with your team.

Green Belts Attend Training with Their Teams


  • Complete project milestones by utilizing training time to work on your project.
  • Apply the DMAIC methodology to improve one of your healthcare processes.
  • Apply team and leadership skills to engage your stakeholders and overcome resistance to change.
  • Apply facilitation skills to conduct your meetings and achieve consensus.
  • Apply project management techniques to generate process maps, project documentation and data collection plans that move your projects to successful completion.
  • Analyze your data by applying statistical, analytical and graphical tools.

Green Belts Work on Their Projects During Training

For an information package, please send us your request:

To receive an information package on the Green Belt—Improving Quality of Care Using Six Sigma training program, please share your information with us.

Information package contains
  • Detailed Schedule
  • List of Templates
  • List of Meeting Agendas
  • Description of the Case Studies
  • Study Guide Example
  • The iplqi DMAIC Model
  • Examples of Past Participant Projects