Sponsoring Healthcare Improvement

Designed to help healthcare executives, director and managers sponsor improvement projects in their unit, clinic or department.


A key success factor in any improvement project is the active involvement and oversight of management. But how do you get involved in projects without compromising the empowerment that you relinquish to your teams? And how do you oversee project tasks—gather information, create action plans, garner staff commitment—while maintaining your “day job?” These are the fundamental questions addressed in Sponsoring Healthcare Improvement.

This one-day program enables executives, directors and managers to oversee Lean Six Sigma project teams by applying time-tested sponsorship principles to process and quality improvement. You will learn skills necessary in sponsoring:

  • Lean Kaizen events
  • Six Sigma DMAIC projects
  • Express workouts

During the training, you will practice your newly learned sponsorship skills using healthcare project scenarios and case studies.


  • Set up a healthcare project to succeed.
  • Select appropriate team members for the project.
  • Write clear project charters.
  • Conduct project kickoff meetings.
  • Identify helping and hindering factors to your team’s success.
  • Analyze Six Sigma DMAIC project storyboards and conduct tollgate reviews.
  • Kickoff and wrap up Express workouts.
  • Support and facilitate Lean Kaizen events.
  • Sustain process changes.